Welcome to NaRose Designs (NRD)! 

NRD is a combination of a mother's dream and a daughter's reality.

I help folks express their beliefs and creativity through an eclectic assortment of vibrant, artistic and modern boho handcrafted accessories and home decor that allows folks to be expressive, wear their truth, and be themselves. 

NaRose Designs has a unique touch to each hand crafted piece in that you almost can literally feel the passion that went into each work. 

Tiff Cook
Feel the Passion

The most beautiful and unique customized jewelry you'll ever find. Specialized and personalized designs. I absolutely admire all of her creations that is priced at an affordable costs; which is also beautifully wrapped and packaged for shipping. I am extremely excited about my purchase for this Christmas gift giving season.

Baretta Duke
Specialized and Personalized Designs

A combination of beauty and personality. I am in love with my bracelets and I didn't wait long to receive them. Thank you Narose Designs for the extra touch of class!

Teesha McDonald
Extra Touch of Class

She does beautiful work that holds up so well! I am a repeat customer and enjoy her jewelry as much as her crochet work. So far I have one of her market bags (shown) and a unique asymmetrical triangle shawl. Best of all she gives back to the community!!!

Nicole Dery Heavilin
Repeat Customer


Owner, Designer, Maker

Hi, my name is Naana Danquah Jefferson. I am the daughter of Rose Danquah. 

As a little girl, I remember my mother trying to teach me how to sew. We had African wax fabric squares and we were trying to sewl them together to make a blanket. I also remember that my mother used to sew her own clothes.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my mother to learn more about her creative side, but I know that's where I got it from! Hence Na (Naana) Rose.

I think she would be excited and proud to see what I am doing now.  She was and is my inspiration. I thank her for being the creator she was. 

In addition, I am a mommy to a toddler and a fur baby, wife, and attorney. Whew!  Lol.